Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Lyrical Masterpice: Or Not

I love music. Apparently, so have many others throughout history - you know, those no-names like...um, say Beethoven. Or Bach. Other little people like that. Some have even been so moved by music that they composed lyrical words in praise of it...

I am one of those people. Now, I did not say that they were good lyrical words - but they are words. And they are mine. So that's a start.

Right? Right. (I like you guys. Always so agreeable).

Without further ado: "The Spirit of Music" (Please. PLEASE. Hold the applause until afterwords. Thanks).

Lilting, coaxing, pleading, teasing
The witchery of Music lures me

To an enchanted world of magic and wonder.
A merry, elfin tune, ever changing, here
One moment, gone the next
Peeking 'round a corner, singing
Out, “Catch me if you can!”
I reach out longingly, stretching my
Hands toward the elusive promise of
Music – almost capturing, but not
Quite, nearly grasping but never
Totally. Then, like the will-o-the-wisp
She is, Music suddenly
Turns – and captures me.

There ya go. I know y'all didn't ask for this...then again, how would I know? Y'all are a pretty quiet bunch. One never knows. Therefore, we shall assume that you DID ask for this masterpiece, and that you have been on your knees, begging for this...yeah, that sounds about right. In that case:

You are so welcome.


  1. Beautiful! You are such an amazing writer! :)

  2. Thank you! It's something I truly enjoy doing, but it means ever so much more when someone else enjoys my enjoyment. =) Appreciate the kind words!