Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank You in Every Language

This post is actually more of a thank you than anything else - although a bit of giddy celebration may slip in every so often. Just...forgive me when (not if) this happens. =)
I so appreciate the readers who take the time to browse through this blog, and even more the ones who take the time to post such encouraging comments. You are all amazing! for some stats. Those who have blogs may be interested - or not. Those who do not have blogs - you may be excused. You probably will not be interested in my blow-by-blow account of how someone in Latvia (where in the world is that, anyway??) once read my blog.
That being said: U.S. of A., coming in at 598 views! (Thanks, mom!) Seriously, thanks to my very favorite country in the world.
Russia, coming in at 38 views! спасибо! I truly hope that says "thank you"; if not, Google Translate has taken complete advantege of my trusting nature once again.
Germany, coming in at 13 views: Danke!! (The fault is mine alone if that's wrong; of course, if it is, I'm a disgrace to my part German heritage.)
Latvia, coming in at 2 views: Paldies! (Again, Google Translate - I hope you have my back. Or this could get ugly.)
And Indoneisa, United Kingdom, and Thailand with 1 view a piece: Thank you for accidentally stumbling upon this bit of randomness. May your cursor go nuts and accidentally click on this again sometime. ;-)
'Til next time!

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