Saturday, September 15, 2012

KOHN for Life

Hi. My name is Allison Bunke. And I am an unrepentant

I know, I know. Shake your little pointy heads at me and waggle your fingers accusingly. *Hushed whisper* But it really won't make a difference. Wait, if it makes you feel better - how does "a keen observer of human nature" sound? Good? Good.

All right. Keen observer of human nature it is. KOHN fo short. But people, if I didn't "observe" keenly, would I have the opportunity to hear amazing conversations like this? I ask you...

Bethany walks into my parents' bedroom and notices Em crouched silently in a corner.

"Hey, Em," she greets the small mite cheerfully. "What you doing?"

Em sighs wistfully, her face propped on her pudgy hands. "I is sinking."

"You're sinking?" repeats Beth, bewildered.

Slightly annoyed, Em said, "No, I say I was stinking."

"You stink?!"

A long, pregnant silence reigns.

"I," Em finally said patronizingly, "was si...THINKING."

"Oh." Bethy said. And walked off.

Now, I ask you: is that not sheer gold? And would I not have been an absolute fool to walk off at the moment they started talking?

I rest my case.

Hi. My name is Allison Bunke. And I am a KOHN. (You can be a Kohn too - life is sooo much more fun).

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