Monday, September 24, 2012

In the Beginning...God

In the beginning...God. The One who was. Who is. And Who will be. God, the all-knowing, the all-powerful, the all-sufficient. The all-loving.

In fact, this God loved so passionately, so incredibly, that He created man, purely for the joy of creating life and enjoying His creation.

And man was perfect and whole, completely enchanted and overwhelmed by the magnificent glory of His Creator. He walked and talked with the God of the Universe in innocent and joyous companionship. But then man sinned (as is so often the case), and his very being was ripped in two. No longer was he complete, clothed in God’s glory; instead, the perfect companionship was broken, and man was now alone, filled only with a gaping, God-shaped hole in his heart.

But the all-knowing God had already forseen this tragedy and had designed a redemption plan. When all was complete, He waited with outstretched hands for His creation, His beloved ones to return to perfect fellowship and a new sense of purpose – to live for His glory.

Fast-forward many, many years to our lifetime. The sin pattern is still the same. I sin (as is so often the case), but now, because of our Lord’s sacrifice, I am not left alone, wandering hopelessly through an empty world. God restores me to His fellowship and shows me once again that without Him I am nothing. That without Him, I have no meaning. Only through Him, can I find my true self and purpose.

What's that you say? Ah, you think this is just a nice story, created by someone who needs a crutch? Well, let me tell you...

I do need a crutch. In all honesty, I cannot make it in this life without help.

And if you were honest, you know you can't either. But now, I'm being honest - so I ask you: Is not my crutch better than most? It doesn't leave me sick and hungover, wondering what in the world I did last night. It doesn't cause me to injure others in a self-absorbed daze of oblivion.

My "crutch" inspires. Gives me something to live for. Someone to live for. Mostly, it gives me a hope that my life will actually count for something.

'Cause let's face it: if this is it...

Yeah. This life is amazing, don't get me wrong. But it's certainly not perfect. Horrific things happen every single day, and sometimes is feels as though everything, at any given second, could spiral completely out of control...and then what?

In my case, then God...because, I know that without Him and His promises, hope of eternal life, and amazing life would be truly hopeless.

And then I really would need a crutch.

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