Friday, August 31, 2012

Hitler in a Pink Tutu

You've heard of Adolf Hitler, of course? Of course. Well, I know someone who makes him look like Mother Teresa. Her name is Emily. And she lives in my house.

Little Adolpha Hitlerette (a.k.a. Em) does not look tyrannical at first glance. A tiny, red-haired moppet, Em looks like a mini philosopher, with her old-soul eyes and a stare that can make a grown man cringe. However, do not let the big, brown eyes fool you. She can rule with a rod of iron - and frequently does.

One of my favorite sights is seeing Em gesture imperiously at Jerm, who at six foot, absolutely dwarfs her, and lay down the law to him. "Come here, son," she commands grandly.

Bemused, Jerm comes, and she looks him over, then motions him away. "Okay, I doesn't want you anymore."

Jerm grins and tousles her hair, "All right, Your Majesty." Bristling, she draws herself up to her full height of two feet and glares at him for a long five seconds, before stalking away silently.

This is the Tiny Tyrant. But is this just one of the many sides of the complex one we call Em.

Here is another side:

And this...this is the side we love. The one in which Adolph Hitler is sweetly ensconced in a pretty, pink tutu.

Pink tutu = magical personality changer. Too bad Hitler didn't have that option...

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